Only the Beginning

I’ve been staring at the cursor on this page for over thirty minutes now. It’s kind of daunting to write the first post and have it be something that will bring readers back. I guess in theory, I don’t REALLY care if someone reads this or not because it is for me more than anything. But, on the other hand, I am human and could only hope that this will reach someone further than myself.

I am preparing myself for a bright 2010. 2010 is going to be the year in which I take control over my lifestyle and begin my journey to make my heart healthy and happy. Over the last two years, I have taken part in the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk. Every year when I raise money, I think to myself that I need to get in gear because cardiovascular disease is a serious issue that claims the life of over 800,000 people each year. That being said, my plan is to not only to get in shape and learn to live a healthier life for myself, but also my heart. I want to live for a long time and I know there is something to be said ( a lot, in fact) for starting now.
What is unfortunate for me is that I love sugar. I don’t think it is sugar as much as I love candy, cookies, ice cream, etc. I know I am not alone on this. I went through my house this morning throwing out each and every piece of candy and other food that would fall into the same category. It felt good throwing it out and I know this is going to be a huge step for me.
I am definitely read for my new outlook and my new healthy life that is ahead of me.
Come on, 2010.


3 thoughts on “Only the Beginning

  1. Jess says:

    I'm also hoping to improve my health this year. I was on the right track until finals week, so it's time to reboot and start over.Good luck!

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