Controlling Emotions

I really think this photo kind of puts today in perspective, minus my eating habits. Which, is actually pretty impressive. I felt like I was riding a roller coaster today from an emotional point of view. The day started off fine (minus having to wake up early after a long weekend) and at some point during the day, I just got frustrated and aggravated with life. This somewhat worked to my benefit when I was working out this evening. I was focused and felt fantastic after I left the gym. A lot of times I just feel defeated when I know I should do three more reps of any lift – leg, arm, you name it and my body just physically can’t do it. Tonight I was working on my legs and I loved walking around the gym with my jelloid legs. It feels funny, but I also know it is a good feeling because I gave my legs a fantastic workout.

The eating did not go so hot today. I didn’t eat a thing until lunch and at that point I was absolutely starving. I NEED to start eating breakfast or this is all going to explode quickly right in front of me.
I am hoping for a better day tomorrow. This was just a very bad day emotionally and yikes – let’s not do that again.

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