New Year, New You.

Like many others, I have come to a decision on my new year resolutions. I actually think I have decided on fairly reasonable resolutions. I am going to take the stairs at my parking garage. Which really, only means I go UP the stairs because I already take the stairs down. Very simple. Additionally, good bye, fast food. However, I did decide that I would allow myself to eat Subway. I need to be able to eat something on the fly from time to time.

I’m really excited to KEEP my resolutions this year. I think it will be fantastic.
My workout today was fabulous! I like when I have enough time to mix cardio and strength training. I can feel the burn in my muscles still, which is fun. Yes, fun. I say fun because I know that I did myself a favor by pushing myself tonight.
Next step: Conquering lunch. I am hoping to find many delicious, easy, brown bag lunch ideas.

One thought on “New Year, New You.

  1. roobelle says:

    Soup. Campbells has these soups to go things that you just heat up and drink like a glass of liquid.Leftovers from the night before. Garth and I cook stuff like pot roast with potatoes and carrots, but put some aside to take to work the next day.Home-made deli sandwiches. I say deli because you can buy the leaner meat in the deli.Salad.I hope this helps.

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