The season of baby & wedding showers.

This is going to be a difficult spring and summer for me. I say spring so soon simply because I consider January to be the beginning of the end (of winter.) Today was a baby shower, and I have another one next weekend. I, however, cannot let next weekend be a repeat of this weekend in any way shape or form.

I need to eat a nice meal before I go to the shower so that I’ll just want to nibble on veggies and drink water and somehow avoid the cake. This is hard for me because cake is probably on of my most favorite things to eat. But, for the time being, I must avoid it. I will eventually ease it back into my diet because it isn’t like I eat cake every day, but this will be best for now.
Secondly, I have a three day training this week. Breakfast, lunch and dinner provided. I think I may go into the office early those days to do e-mails, etc. and then eat breakfast at that time and show up just in time for the training to start. I don’t want to have to stare down the bagels, cream cheese and muffin choices. Hopefully there will be fruit. I LOVE fruits and veggies, so that isn’t an issue for me. I could eat them day and night and never get sick of them. I always worry about lunch being provided because sometimes that means pizza. Then what do I do? It’s not like I can excuse myself to go buy myself a salad or something of that nature. I don’t exactly have a plan, so I am interested to see how it goes.
At least I can count on my workout routine to always be there for me. It never steers me wrong.

3 thoughts on “The season of baby & wedding showers.

  1. Jess says:

    If you can resist the temptation to have more than one piece of pizza, I would have one piece. Maybe bring an apple in your purse or some cut-up carrots or veggies to go with it, and blot the pizza with a napkin. That way you feel like you're still participating, but with a healthier bent.

  2. cindy elizabeth says:

    I am doing a combination of cardio and strength training. My gym is great and I've been able to get lots of great tips. So, some days I want to crawl into bed and never come out because I am in pain, but it is worth it!

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