We’re only human

I must say that I have been pretty proud of myself the last couple of weeks. Even when I have wanted to indulge in some naughty eating, I have managed to steer clear. Unless you are talking about the piece of chocolate cake I shared with a college roommate this past weekend. Then that is a completely different story.

If there is anything this year has taught me so far from a trying to eat healthy and exercise regularly perspective, it is that we are human. I have tried to make ridiculous goals in the past – no sweets, no dessert – thinks of that nature. It really only led me to WANT those things so much more. I have found that disowning fast food has done wonders for me. I’ve eaten at Subway a couple of times, but I am fine by that. I don’t miss fast food at ALL. It helps too that even when I want that piece of chocolate, or small latte to know will be the worst thing I will eat that day. I just keep reminding myself that I am human and humans are wired to make mistakes, and that just IS what it is.
This weekend, I purchased a new pair of gym shoes! So incredibly excited. I used them yesterday and it was working out on clouds. It’s a huge step up from the shoes that literally had holes in them. So I am excited to continue using them. They are a delight and my feet didn’t hurt after my workout. I am trying to get to the gym three days a week. I am starting there because I have been so infrequent in regard to my workout regime, that if I start slow and work my way up, I will be more successful. Small goals are good and achievable.
I am loving my journey to a healthy heart, really!
PS – Wear Red Day is coming up next month. More details to follow on how all of my wonderful readers can support women’s heart health!

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