The Workout:

So for me, it’s all about the workout. I KNOW how to eat healthy. I know I shouldn’t be filling my day’s calories with simple carbs and that I should really trade a candy bar with a piece of fruit or some veggies. I’m actually really good at it. There is usually one day in the week in which I just cave. Tomorrow for example, I already know I want Chipotle for lunch. Chipotle is probably the worst thing I could eat, but I know if I don’t just give into the craving, I’ll continue to want it. I’m actually only doing Chipotle because it is for a co-worker’s farewell fiesta. I am “taking one for the team.”

On a side note, I am actually fasting (900 calories a day) and not eating out/buying groceries (save for tomorrow) and donating all the money I would spend to Haiti. I feel really good about it, because it is honestly a wake-up call to how much we eat. I was driving to the gym after work and I was absolutely starving. I was okay to work out, but I just reflected on the whole idea in the car. I CAN go fulfill my hunger whenever I want. It just puts everything into perspective for me.

Anyway – the whole point of this entry is my workout. I am LOVING my workout lately. I have been doing about 20 minutes of cardio (I get really bored if I do anymore – this is bad), which is usually a combo platter of run/walk on the treadmill (walk 2 minutes, run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute, run 4, etc) or using the Spin bike. The spin bike has been really hard on my knees, which just makes me push more. I want to grow the muscle in my legs so that it isn’t painful in my knee. Beyond the cardio, I have a mix of strength-training I do. I use the different machines for my legs and arms in addition to doing lunges with weights, crunches, planks – and really, I do not know the name of the half the stuff I do. The trainers at my gym give me tips, which has been fantastic!

Oh, and my tip of the day: EAT BREAKFAST. My energy level when I eat breakfast versus when I don’t is mind blowing. So, just do it.


3 thoughts on “The Workout:

  1. Jess says:

    What do you get when you usually go to Chipotle? Compared to a good number of 'fast food' places, Chipotle isn't all that bad. If you opt for the salad or the burrito bowl (I promise you, you will not miss the actual wrap!) you'll cut out almost 300 calories alone. I also go cheese-less and sour cream-less, which I didn't think I'd be able to do, but it was actually perfect. I think we overestimate the flavor of sour cream and cheese. So I usually get the rice, black beans, chicken, hot red chili salsa, corn, and lettuce. For a meal, it's only about 600 calories max, which is more than reasonable. It may have a fair amount of sodium, but I make up for it by cooking my other meals during that day and drinking water constantly.Glad to hear your workout is going well! That's my biggest problem (working out). Sigh. Sounds like you've been doing an awesome job. 🙂

  2. cindy elizabeth says:

    I have NEVER had a burrito there! Can you believe it? 🙂 So I am really okay on the Chipotle front. I just know the way they cook their meet is terrible. But it's oh so good. I will take your tip on going cheese and sour cream-less tomorrow.I think working out is about getting excited about it or just putting yourself in a situation where you have no choice. I always bring my gym bag with me to work so I just go right after work. Even if I have a subpar workout (today, for example. I magically forgot my sports bra) but I still biked and did strength training. Way better than just going home and watching television.

  3. Jess says:

    Do you mean in terms of how it's marinated? Or the quality?That's so true. I think part of it (at least for me) is also that being at school makes me less likely to feel motivated—a combination of schedule, the inconvenience of getting back and forth from my apartment, and other (academic) obligations. As a result I've stuck to yoga and hand weights at home, though I definitely need to work on my cardio!

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