Stress Eating & Soda:

I am learning that I stress eat and that I love diet soda. These are two things that will bog me down in my journey. I am not entirely sure how to conquer this problem. During the day, I generally don’t realize I am not drinking anything until after lunch. And then all I want is my Diet Pepsi. I think if I can eliminate this, I can win. Soda, diet or not is terrible for you. I know this, and I know you who is reading this knows this as well. I think the stress eating will be another beast. I notice that when I come home from a rough day at work, I bypass the piece of fruit I normally eat and go straight for the carbs. It’s all a mindset thing – I know if I can shift my mindset, I can beat this problem. Now to work on my mind.

So, I get to the gym tonight and realize that not only did I wear my hair down today, but I did not have a hair tie. I didn’t let it ruin my workout, but I felt so silly working out with my hair going everywhere. Such is life. If that is the worst thing that happens, though, I think I am okay.

I did forty minutes of cardio today and it felt so good. I love the feeling when I did strength training because I like to see how far I can push myself, but even more – when I sweat and sweat and sweat from cardio, it’s my feeling of accomplishment. I love feeling my face heat up. The thing about the gym is that when I leave work, all I want to do is go crawl into bed, but when I am able to work out, it really helps clear my head from the day. It’s my time to think through things: love, life, work, friends and so forth. I know I should be focusing on me, but it’s nice to have that time to just THINK. At work I have so many moving pieces to my day, there is never a moment of rest.

Even more exciting! I didn’t think it was possible, either. I am going to the Healthy Living Expo this weekend. I am really excited to check everything out. I’m going by myself because I am sort of lame, but also because I just want to. I don’t really feel like I have offline support for this journey I am on, so I don’t think anyone would really get why this is important to me. Regardless – I am pumped to attend! I am doing a Yoplait Taste Test, too – so I get in free. WOO HOO.

I have keep repeating my mantra of: I CAN DO THIS.


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