Welcome, warm weekend.

I guess I have to laugh at my own title for my blog being that it definitely is not warm by most standards. But it is 30 degrees, which is like summer right about now. It snowed all night – I just peeked out the window and it is like a winter wonderland out there! Kind of exciting.

My body is still aching from a workout earlier this week. I need to get my butt to the gym this weekend though. By the time I was finished with my errands last night, the roads were awful and I was tired so I opted out of the gym. Bad, Cindy, bad. On top of that, I am pretty sure I did not eat like a champ yesterday. Ah the regrets of lunches provided by visiting vendors. I think eating in a corporate setting is such a different struggle. I don’t want to be that girl who is “too good” to eat the provided lunch at meetings, etc. but it is all about being careful as to what is put in my mouth. Guess what? I probably didn’t need to put the cookie that was provided as dessert into my mouth yesterday, but I did. The second I ate it – I was thinking it was a fairly bad idea. But it’s done now and I can only move forward and make better decisions today, tomorrow and so forth. I will probably continue to have weak moments for a while.

Since this is a health blog, it only seems right to remind everyone that today is National Wear Red Day. Hear disease is the NUMBER ONE KILLER in women. It’s so important to raise heightened awareness around this issue and to make sure those around you know. So break our your red t-shirts, sweatshirt, sweaters, coats, headbands, shoes – everything! to show your support. If you are interested in reading more information, please visit http://goredforwomen.org/wearredday.

Oh, and welcome this nice warm weekend. I could not be happier the week is practically over.


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