Water, need more water!

I have never been a person who drinks water. I tend to only drink it when I am dying of thirst. Based on this, I also am aware of how incredibly dehydrated I most likely am. I know a huge piece of losing weight and being healthy is drinking water. So, I am going to attempt to bring more water into my life. I keep a water bottle on my nightstand. Before I go to bed each night, I am drinking a full bottle and in the morning before I go to work. I also keep a large water bottle at my desk at work. My plan is to attempt to drink one whole bottle before lunch and one in the afternoon. I have also been the girl who adds the Wyler’s flavored sugars to my water as well. You know – the one’s from Walgreens. So even more beyond that – I am attempting to drink….WATER. I am hoping to surprise myself at how easy this may become.

Tonight, I surprised myself at the gym. I used the stair-stepper,  elliptical and treadmill. I felt like I was going to die after, but I also LOVE when I feel like I am going to die. This is how I know I have truly worked. I also love when I wake up in the morning and my muscles ache and all I want to do is stay in bed all day. I mean, it stinks and I would rather not ache Рbut I know when I ache it means I have worked a new muscle group and THAT is good.

So, my plan is to post a photo once a month. I am hoping to see enough progress that posting a photo once a month will be good. I think this will keep me in check because quite frankly, I don’t want to post a photo once a month and see no change. You, my friends, are keeping me honest and keeping me in check.

So, here is me this month:

Feb. 2010


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