I Love Carbs

Who doesn’t love carbs? If you are out there shaking your head as you read this you are one of two things: crazy or a liar. I came home today, starving after a wonderful even thanks to Jen over at Prior Fat Girl. So where do I go? The first thing in sight. A handful of pretzels followed by a handful of chips. I honestly can’t wait to move out of my parents’ place because then I won’t have those things staring at me every time I need instant gratification. I’m embarrassed to admit that I do not have better control over myself. But I don’t. I guess that is why I am human.

Tonight I had a delicious dinner of Smart One’s Santa Fe Style Rice & Beans. Yes, I know I really went all out tonight for dinner. But it was actually quite delicious!

I absolutely admit that I am not good at making dinner for myself. It usually ends up being a Lean Cuisine or a Smart One’s. Another thing that will change once I move out.  I won’t be sharing food spaces with three other people. I know it sounds crazy, but I think one of the biggest road blocks for me right now is my living situation. It seems like a cop-out excuse, but come on, if there are cookies, I can’t say no. I am such a sweets fiend; which admittedly is probably one of my biggest problems in the first place.

Well, I am going to have some great products to write about coming up. I can’t wait! So, stay tuned.


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