Off-topic, kind of.

So, I went and saw four apartments today. Apartment hunting is very overwhelming. I’m a bit nervous because I have zero renting history (thank you living on campus and then camping out with mom & dad post-college.) I believe my credit score should be okay, and I don’t want to check it on my own because I heard that each time you check it, it brings your score down. So. It is just the waiting game now! In any case, I put an application in for an apartment in Burnsville. REALLY excited.

I was just thinking about how great this is going to be for my journey here. My father LOVES ice cream, as do I, but it doesn’t mean we need to have it in our house ALL THE TIME. Same with greasy chips, cookies and the list goes on. I try really hard not to eat that stuff, but when I am starving, it’s right there, calling my name and sometimes, it’s wearing sexy lingerie. Okay, not true, but you all know exactly what I mean.

That being said, it will be great to have my new place filled with delicious goodness and be able to have an entire ‘fridge full of delicious and healthy treats. It will be great! And there is an exercise facility onsite, which will be great. I have a gym membership, but it will be nice to know I can just run across the way and go workout, too.

Oh, and I promise to post pictures of my lovely new place once I am moved in and…have stuff. I have lots of shopping to do!

Oh, and I had about FIVE Cuties today. I think the citrus has officially made me sick to my stomach.


2 thoughts on “Off-topic, kind of.

  1. Hey lovely lady – good luck with the apartment search! If you need any help moving or decorating (Ikea, YES???), let me know!! 🙂

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