Walk it Off

In the spirit of keeping a healthy outlook as spring and summer approaches, Alexa, Ann and myself are putting together a walking group for folks in the Twin Cities! How exciting is that? So, you should probably promise yourself that just TWICE a month you will get off your booty and come walk with us! The schedule is as follows:

May 2: Como Lake, St. Paul 1.5 Miles
May 16: Centennial Lakes Park, Edina 1.43 Miles
June 6: Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis 2.5 Miles
June 20: Shops at Arbor Lakes Man Made Lake (I need to get exact name) X2, Maple Grove 2.0 Miles
July 11: Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis 3.1 Miles
July 18: Lake Nokomis, Minneapolis, 3.5 Miles
Aug 1: Como Lake X2, St. Paul, 3.0 Miles
Aug 15: Lake Harriet, Minneapolis 2.8 Miles
Aug 29: Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis 3.1 Miles

This is a great way to get up and moving that is easy. Who doesn’t love to walk? Especially around a lake! It is so beautiful in the summer in the lovely Twin Cities.

Our plan is that if there is a possibility of rain, we won’t let it spoil our walking fun – we will simply walk – (no wallets allowed!) inside at The Mall of America.

AND! On top of that (how could there possibly be more awesomeness?) we will be planning a cookout for everyone at the end of the summer. So, check back for details and feel free to post this schedule on your own blog to get more people involved!

Check back at my blog every Thursday for details on where to meet for the upcoming walk.

So, get out your walking shoes and spread the word.


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