On Milestones:

Okay, so this woman. This woman right below the text here, she had no idea she had it in her to….


Seriously, ya’ll. I didn’t. I was at the gym this evening and I though to myself, “I am going to run for 5 minutes without stopping.” And it was only about 50 seconds past 5 minutes that I reached my half mile mark. It felt SO amazing. I wanted to keep going, but I knew if I couldn’t make it to a mile that I would just focus on what I didn’t do the whole night, so I stopped after my half mile.

I just started smiling. And smiling. I was walking out the gym with the biggest smile on my face. I know that half a mile is not a huge accomplishment to many people. But I have never been a runner, was the girl who usually opted to WALK the mile in grade school, high school and even in college. So the fact that this here fatty, got on the treadmill and RAN for half a mile and didn’t stop or pause for anything, is amazing.

I cried on the way home from the gym. It just felt so amazing. This is what I needed today. It will keep me going.

So, my lovely readers: what are you proud of yourself for today?

3 thoughts on “On Milestones:

  1. ann olivia says:


    once you hit 5 minutes–every week it’s easier to move it up one minute.

    i hit 10 minutes this week and it feels awesome.


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