Naught Knees, Naughty.

Well, I hadn’t planned on going out or a run tonight, but I did. I wasn’t feeling “in the groove” but I knew I needed to start the week out on a high note. So with my iPod in hand, with my Couch to 5K application, and I was off. I was actually enjoying myself, but I learned the following:

  • I really have to pay attention to my whole body when I run: from my breathing down to my form
  • I have to keep a steady pace or everything goes to absolute hell

That being said, I did neither. I was completely focused on the music and started running faster, then even shaking my butt a little (dancing) as I ran. I even twirled – hey, I was feeling good! And then…


I felt awful – my sides started hurting, my calves started hurting, ankles and then my knees. As someone who is not a runner in any way shape or form, it is so important for me to not deviate (I am only talking about me here, just gotta say) from paying attention to the signs of my body while I am running/training. Needless to say: Lesson Learned.

BUT. On the bright side! The winner of the Hungry Girl Cookbook Giveaway is….

#35, Alexa!

Alexa said the following:

This cookbook would surely help me make easy, healthy dinners on nights after work where I’m too tired and think ordering a pizza would be a better alternative. Now why would I do that when I have this cookbook? In the amount of time it takes to wait for a pizza I could whip up a Hungry girl recipe that won’t leave me feeling guilty. =)

Also, her favorite Hungry Girl recipe is:

My favorite hungry girl recipe is this chicken bowl swap, it’s like homemade chipotle, but better!! Try it!

So, Alexa, we have to connect so I can pass the cookbook onto you!

However, I feel like everyone is a winner because….

Thanks to my friends at Yoplait, I will have a give-away for FREE yogurt for my first 50 readers later on this week. So be sure to check back on Wednesday!

You all ROCK.


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