Save The Date – Group Workout!

So, here’s the deal:

Jen, at Prior Fat Girl has issues a CHALLENGE. And what better way to accept said challenge than to support her by working out right beside her?

In addition to accepting her challenge of working out for 60 minutes, I am putting a challenge on myself: To run for a whole mile without stopping or dying. That’s right: NO DYING ALLOWED.

For the normal person, this would be easy peasy. But let me tell you about my experience running as a child:

  • I played soccer and loved it – could run with the ball all the the live-long day
  • Mandatory mile each year for gym class: Would have rather eaten cement. Seriously. I hated it so much – I’d run a block and slap on my defeatist attitude and walk the thing.
  • High School  – More of the same from the above bullet. I just did NOT like it.
  • College – Oh, please. Did I even show up for the mile? Probably not.

But really, this is about Jen and supporting her in her challenge. We need to be with her and encourage her while working out right beside her. I think it is important for us to support each other on our get-healthy journeys but even more; to get off our butts and get to the gym and support each other through workouts!

So, here’s the deal:

Tuesday April 20 at 7pm:

3555 S HIGHWAY 100
(763) 392-1802

Let’s do right and support Jen and each other!

I hope to see you all there!


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