Running? Not So Much

So. This whole running….thing.

My legs, knees and ankles have been causing me immense pain when I run outside. Running on the treadmill isn’t so bad, but I just love being outside so much. I hope I am able to “power through” this. I didn’t even get through my whole week of Couch To 5K. Life has been throwing curve balls lately. However, now that winter is over and I would not have to wait for my car to warm up, I think morning workouts a couple times a week may be in my future. And by may, I mean should. There’s no reason to not do it!

I know I have to keep going through this though. I was telling Mary from Fit This, Girl, how I can’t wait until I really enjoy running because I can just imagine how running around the lake in the early morning (or any time of day) would be so peaceful and just wonderful. So, my goal is to get to that point. Right now, my goal is to just run a mile without wanting to die. I just have to keep going.

Well. Yesterday morning, I made a breakfast burrito! It was delightful. I used real eggs – didn’t have any egg beaters (drats!). I added one serving of Laughing Cow’s Mini Babybell Light:

Archer Farm’s Black Bean and Corn Salsa in as well:

I used the low carb tortilla, so it was actually fairly “healthy” and I just LOVE adding salsa to everything. I could probably eat hispanic food everyday for every meal until I die. I am not kidding.

Well, let’s make it a good week! Do you have anything exciting planned?


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