Challenge Obesity Race: I Did It!

This whole week has been somewhat of a blur. Between work and getting my workouts in and then today: My FIRST ever 5K. I mean, whoa. That is actually pretty epic, if you ask me. Further more, I wish I could say I RAN the whole thing. But I know when I get to that point, it will be epic…times two.

So, I woke up early this morning to meet Mary, Jen and Lisa for the Challenge Obesity 5K around Lake Como in St. Paul.

Mary, myself and Jen prior to the race.

And so, in order to get ready for this big bad race, I of course had to put my RACE FACE on:

And onto the race:

When I first started running, I felt good. I was going at an okay pace, keeping up with the crowd and then I rounded the first corner and for some reason I suddenly realized I would NOT be able to keep up this pace for 3.2 miles. It just wasn’t going to happen. So I halted and I walked for about a minute to catch my breath and get focus back. So, I continued to run for a few minutes, walk a few minutes and really before I knew it, I was rounding the half-way point and I smiled for the camera as I passed the announcer and waved and smiled for Erin as she took pictures (really for Jen, but I’m Jen’s friend, so I was cool enough for a picture!) Once I realized I was half-way through, I started having these pangs in my chest of wanting to cry. I guess I am not as black-hearted as I attempted to make my friends think.

There was one woman who would pass me, then she would walk. And I would be running and I’d pass her and it kept going back and forth. Towards the very end, we started walking together and I turned to her and said, “Okay, once we pass this bench, we are running and no more walking!” and we kept on. And I got to the end, and there were my friends cheering me on and I got that burst of energy back and sprinted to the finish line. I had to laugh as I hadn’t realized how fast I was going because once I passed a guy near the back felt the need to attempt to catch me. Very strange. In any case here are two pictures as I neared the finish line:

And sprinting to the finish line:

At the end of everything. I didn’t talk really for the five minutes. I just laughed and nodded and smiled and ate my apple. I don’t think I really knew what to say. I was pretty speechless. But it felt amazing. It really did.

And thanks to these fine ladies who told me to chill out all week and encouraged me the whole way. I definitely could NOT have done it without their support:

Left to right: Mary @ Fit This, Girl!, Lisa @ The Broad Broad, Me, Jen @ Prior Fat Girl

Okay, ya’ll, I did it.



8 thoughts on “Challenge Obesity Race: I Did It!

  1. I wish I’d of known ahead of time you were doing this – because I think I would have been doing the exact. same. thing as you did to finish this thing – run( Jog) walk – run (jog) walk, etc…
    Couch to 5k is kicking my BEHIND!!

    ANYHOOOOOOOOOOO – soooo proud of you! You DID it!! GREAT GREAT GREAT job!! now you have an ‘official’ benchmark of time to beat for your next one!

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