Tracking Through Life

In a previous post, I talked about goals I need to keep up with. I remember when I lost my first twenty pounds, I was tracking what I was eating and walking at least 30 minutes a day. And so really, I am back to basics. Back to tracking food, thinking about what I am eating before I eat it, and at the end of everything: TALKING. I have to talk through my frustrations whether via my blog or with friends. Mary and I had a GREAT conversation in my car in the parking lot at Lake Como after brunch on Saturday after the race and I was talking about my obsession with food and how much I’ve always struggled with a healthy relationship with food and you know what? That was the FIRST time I’d heard the words escape my lips. A huge part of me did not want to admit that I had an unhealthy relationship with food. But now that I can admit it, it is time to move on from it and gain a much healthier relationship; food and I.

I will hopefully do well tracking my food this week. And, I am going to start each day with a big glass of water before moving onto coffee. Oh, coffee, you necessary evil! And here is my workout plan for the week:

Monday – After work, strength training and cardio.

Tuesday – Before work, cardio, cardio, cardio.

Wednesday – Before work, Strength training.

Thursday – Before work, Strength training.

Friday – REST

Satruday – Cardio, cardio, cardio.

Sunday – REST.

I think my biggest pain point is eating, so I have my lunches planned out as well. Except for the birthday lunch today with co-workers to celebrate two birthdays. Hopefully there will be healthy choices for me. I’ve done it before and I can do it again.

Here is to a fantastic week!


One thought on “Tracking Through Life

  1. you are so right, it wasn’t until I said out loud that “I have an unhealthy relationship with food” that I was more comfortable feeling like I could move forward. An unhealthy relationship with food doesn’t mean anorexic or bulimic or the other more common eating disorder “titles” but just an unhealthy relationship.

    Time to move forward, we can do it!

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