Healthy Hair = Happy Hair

Well, yesterday I did fantastically with tracking my food! I was so excited. Yeah, I know, only one day. I am usually pretty diligent about tracking…when I want to track.

I started my day off with a wonderful bowl of Raisin Bran CRUNCH with skim milk. Not the best of breakfasts, but better than nothing. And yes, I am very well aware of how un-sustainable I am by using paper bowls. So, save the lecture.

My picture-taking usually goes downhill after breakfast, so that is all I got. I tend to get very wrapped up in my work, so there isn’t much to talk about after that.

I have a fun story, then onto my hair. Tonight at dinner, my dad (yes, I still live at home. What of it?) made BLTs, french fries and a fresh fruit salad. When I sat down to eat, I said, “I won’t have any fries.” Then of course as the meal goes on and I am eating my fruit, the fries just look SO MUCH MORE APPEALING. In any case, I turned to my dad and said, “Pass me the fries, please.” He grabbed the bowl, then looked at me and he said, “You know what? No. Have more fruit.” I think I was almost stunned, but was thankful all the same. Because honestly, I LOVE fruit. So it was a win-win.

Onto my hair. So, I’ve been battling with what to do with my hair for a while. I have always had shoulder length or shorter hair, but am growing it out for upcoming weddings. I am so nice, I know. I have had my hair foiled, dyed and fried and when I finally got it back to my original color, I was done. WELL. A little devil sitting on my shoulder (my brain, so I guess sitting in my head) told me I must add some UMPH to my hair. So.

Waiting while my stylist mixed colors.

Waiting while the color set.


I know it doesn’t look much different, but my hair was just blah blah brown, and now it’s blah blah brown with some UMPH. Also, no I was not driving in the last photo. My keys were not even in the ignition. #JustSayin.

Also, today, I am SO PROUD of Jen for accepting and beating down her challenge from Tony. Did you do your 60 minutes of working out, too? I did strength training for 30 minutes this morning and then walked for 30 minutes this evening. It really feels good to split it up that way, too. I must say.

Well, my beautiful readers, that is all I have today. Time to drink some water and get some shut eye!


2 thoughts on “Healthy Hair = Happy Hair

  1. you look beautiful – but no matter your hair, it radiates from the inside out!

    The challenge was grueling. I am sick so just reading a couple of blogs, then off to bed I go. I can update my blog in the morning – I need sleep!

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