This Stuff is Hard

Anyone who says trying lead a healthier lifestyle when that has not been the case in the past is a liar.  I struggle every single day to make the right choices. I would stay 6 times out of 10, I don’t. I was doing incredibly well about not eating candy from the candy dish at work, but seriously. Chocolate is SO good. I need to stock up on my sugar-free or WW candy because I like it just as much as the sugar-packed candy. I was really moved by what Lindsay had to say about how tough it is to keep at it. We are going to have lots of bad days to get to the good ones. We’re human, and sometimes we want to eat that handful of chocolate and sometimes we grab a piece of fruit instead. Eventually, we’ll crave the fruit. But until then, this is a journey for a reason.

So, I had a delicious little dinner tonight!

I grabbed my light mayo:

I spread a bit on my Pepperidge Farm Deli Flats along with some deli chicken and cucumbers:

I finally topped it with some spinach and paired it with something quite delicious:

I really do love the 100-Calorie Snacks and so I tend to buy these Doritos as it satisfies my cheesy chip cravings.

And look how wonderful this dinner looks!

And for dessert I enjoyed…

I really love the yellow apples because they are a lot sweeter and so it takes care of sweet-need craving.

I find that when I eat “lighter” I feel better because it’s eating to fix feeling hungry vs. eating because I like the taste of food. I always make something I enjoy, but I know the more I make healthier foods, the less I’ll crave things like pasta, pizza and the list goes on.


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