Positive Solutions and Wellness: Hand in Hand

I am excited to host my first guest blogger today. And more than that, Erica has a great cause to talk about. It’s something she is passionate about and myself as well. In a nutshell: She is raising money to provide fresh, clean water for years to come for those who do not have any. What a thing we take for granted. CLEAN water. Anyone on their road to creating a healthier life for themselves understands the importance of having water. So, imagine if that was taken away from you. I challenge you today to give up your 3-5 dollars you might spend on coffee to help Erica provide clean water for those who have none.

Water. It’s something a lot of us forget about. Forget how important it is to survive. It prevents health issues such as: chronic fatigue, allergies, depression, digestive problems (yup, I’m talking about poo), urinary tract problems, etc… It’s easy to take water for granted, until you hear the stories of people who go without. I was shocked to find out 4,500 children die every day, due to unsafe drinking water. But, I don’t believe in inspiring through negative action. You can get that from the TV ads about poverty, complete with violin background music. I know that’s not what you’ve come here to read. 😉

Now, getting to the point. I stumble upon an organization looking to help the epidemic. But, I’m not delusional. I know others don’t have the same passion for this cause (charity: water) as I do, because…frankly, I don’t have passion for their causes either. So I decided to offer photo sessions in return for donations of $50 or more. A barter of sorts.

What happened then?

Amazing things. $7,000 in donations later…I’ve been taking photos non-stop. But, do you know what I’ve realized in the process? Still photography has a power to help someone with their mental wellness/well-being. 90% of my donors have said things along the lines of, “I’ve never felt this happy about photos about myself before.” That floored me.

Now, I could credit my amazing skills. But, to be honest…they don’t exist. I’m not a great photographer when it comes to technical know-how, lenses, etc…in fact, I’m a true beginner. Instead, I use my video directing background to coax people out of the standard “photo” mentality, and  into a place where they feel comfortable joking around, rolling their eyes, and showing their true emotions during our sessions.  I even found out that Miss Cindy has some crazy ninja-like jumping skills. Hiii-ya!

Why does this have anything to do with wellness? Well, once you can see the beauty in yourself, you see more beauty in the world surrounding you…and it’s easier to find a sense of zen. I don’t take photos of people, I capture moments of their personality. Because, in the end…the different looks, laughs, and silly grins are what makes us all beautiful. Thank you, Cindy…for being beautiful on so many different levels. And thanks for inviting me to post. It’s truly an honor to know you, my little ninja.

Now, remember everyone…when life gives you rain, puke a rainbow. Be well. See the beauty in yourself. Today.

To learn more about my charity: water campaign and the world water crisis visit: http://charitywater.org/ericamayer

To see the donors in action in front of my lens go here: http://www.facebook.com/pukerainbowsphoto

Quirky ramblings, made up words, quotes, and a dose of me: http://twitter.com/ericamayer


5 thoughts on “Positive Solutions and Wellness: Hand in Hand

  1. I love the work Erica’s been doing and as a professional photographer myself, I know she is being humble when she describes her work. I am glad she doesn’t live closer as we would be in competition! LOL!
    I went to college with Erica and know that she is a truely wonderful and fun individual and it doesn’t surprise me in the least that she would be the one to do something so generous and giving. I wish parts of me were more like her.

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