These Shoes Were Made For Walking

On Sunday, a lovely and quaint group of ladies met to kick off our summer walking club! It was fun to meet everyone and and walk around Lake Como just flew by! It is amazing that if you surround yourself with great company, a mile and a half walk can be done just like that!

From L to R: Alexa, Sam, Myself, Erin and Kelly in front.

It really was a great way to get out and enjoy the nice weather! It was a little windy, but once we started walking, I hardly noticed.  Afterward, we enjoyed delicious popsicles! It really brought all of us back to our childhoods because guess what? They still have the ridiculous jokes on the sticks! So we definitely got a kick out of sharing the jokes as well.

Our next walk will be on Sunday, May 16 at Centennial Lakes Park at 6pm. And, to keep in line with our healthy eating, we are going to go to Good Earth at the Galleria in Edina after! So, if you are planning on coming that evening and want to join us for dinner after, please e-mail me and let me know so that we can make a reservation.

And, one last thing. The wonderful Alexa is hosting a give-away on her blog! Do you love Vita Tops? Here is why Alexa Loves them:

I’mm a big fan of Vita Tops, they’re all 100 calories and generally have around six grams of fiber and four grams of protein. They taste delicious, and the chocolate kind make me feel like I’m having HUGE treat. The corn muffin ones are perfect with chili or soup, and when you compare them to a Famous Dave’s corn muffin, you’ll feel a lot better about yourself eating these. – Taken from her give-away post.

There are a few ways to win, so hop over to her blog and check it out! It looks like a fantastic give-away.


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