Stress, It’s What’s for Dinner

I often find that the second I wake up in the morning, my body is shutting down before I can even put my feet on the ground and make any kind of attempt to start the day. I find myself stressed with work, my health, finances, relationships – LIFE. And since I can never pinpoint what the true problem is, I always let the stress fall onto work. Reports, terminations, birthdays, lunches, coffee dates, presentations – the list goes on. I think the problem I have been having is that since March I was doing the double-duty job. I had moved into a new role, but since my old job hadn’t been back-filled yet,  so I was struggling to not suck at both jobs. I was excited to learn my new role and wanted to only think about that and then my old job was suffering because of my new job but I wasn’t 100% in the new job so that was suffering, too. And it was in a word: A MESS. So, THEN, my co-hort in my new job goes out on maternity leave (precious baby, by the way.) and then my old boss was finally like, “Okay, I can let you go.” But my stress level is still high because my workload is huge because I am still doing two jobs.

So, where do we turn to in times of stress?

Is it this? Even though this food looks wonderful and tasty. I love fruits and veggies!

But I tend to lean towards…

I cannot get enough SWEETS when I am stressed.

I haven’t figured out how to get through stressful pinches in my life sans sweets.

  • What do you do to survive stressful points in your life?
  • What food do you gravitate towards when you’re stressed?

I’ve also never learned how to really address the stresses in my life.

  • How do you get through stress?
  • What happens if it gets to be TOO MUCH?

I’m really interested in your thoughts as stress is often directly associated with our personal health.


One thought on “Stress, It’s What’s for Dinner

  1. Reading poetry can sometimes relieve stress,then again it may add some…lol
    I enjoyed reading this very much,all kidding aside,fun illustration as well.


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