This has been quite a long week. Between being incredibly busy at work and not having the time I needed for myself, I believe I have successfully run myself into the ground!

However, the following did not happen: I did not track my food intake and I barely made it to the gym.

Monday – No Workout

Tuesday – No workout

Wednesday – Workout

Thursday – Workout

And I will be surprised if I make it to the gym. I am already thinking about how my bed will meet me at the end of the day and I will allow myself to fall asleep until tomorrow if that is what the body wants. Then this weekend will be about kicking this week behind me and heading to the gym to set myself up for a fantastic week ahead.

And here’s the thing about working out. I will curse it the whole day anticipating having to rearrange my evening or cancel plans to workout. But man, once, I am there and sweat is just dripping down my back, face, feet – I LOVE IT. I love making myself sweat, and I love lifting weights and doing lunges up and down the gym. Like many other things, it is always the anticipation of not wanting to do it.

Yesterday, I opted to the do the fat burn on the elliptical. I tried running and the pain in my knees/legs was unbearable. And let me tell you – FAT BURN IS HARD. The whole point is to go slower and the machine kept yelling at me to go slower to reduce my heart rate. It was hard, but I liked it. I think the elliptical machine and I may have reignited our love.

It’s time to go make today a good day. I’m going to stay positive even if I have a constant internal fight with myself.

What will you do to stay positive today?


3 thoughts on “TGIF

  1. Jess says:

    I’m headed to the gym this afternoon (after working out some hassle with University HR, grrrr)! I can’t wait. This is my ‘off’ day from C25K (which I train for outside on asphalt), so I’m going to do some light jogging on the treadmill and perhaps the elliptical. It’s also my last day of undergraduate academic anything, so it’s time to sweat and celebrate!

    Happy Friday!

  2. So Friday, I went and shot baskets at the gym. Not sure what inspired me, but I did it all by my lonesome, and it was SUCH a mood lifter. I don’t remember the last time I grabbed a ball and did that, but it was always my escape in Middle and High School, I need to do it more! It’s also a great work out chasing after that ball, and nice to see that the girl who hasn’t played basketball in years can still sink a free throw and nail a lay up.

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