The Importance of Being Earnest

I woke up this morning and there was not one part of me that wanted to go to the gym. And I even said so on twitter. I believe I said:

I can’t seem to motivate myself to go to the gym on the weekend.

And my lovely friend Jen said in response:

what happened?!! U tweeted about how u were gonna spend the WHOLE weekend at the gym! Get yer ass there!

And I did.

I set the elliptical for a cardio workout for 45 minutes. 4 miles and 450+ calories later and my legs were:

I loved kind of meandering my way through the gym after, kind of breathing, kind of not. But it felt amazing. And the lesson here is to always have someone to hold you accountable. I was just lucky that Jen saw what I had posted on twitter and that she called me out on it and it got my butt to the gym!

My challenge for you: Make someone hold you accountable. Talk to someone about something you are struggling with. Passing up on unnecessary sweets, getting to the gym, even drinking water! It’s easy to make up excuses to ourselves or convince ourselves we don’t need to do something.

But here’s the caveat: don’t pick someone who will let you get away with stuff! Pick someone you trust who you KNOW will hold you accountable. I think back to my this post, when I asked my dad to pass me the french fries and he refused for me.

We always need people who are right with us on our journey – someone who will push us when we need to be, hold our hands when we need it and give us a high-five when we deserve it.

Who is going to hold you accountable?


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