And the winner is… (plus my new running shoes!)

Wow, this week has just flown right by! I honestly can’t believe Friday is here and it is JEANS day at work. PLUS, I get to have a little get together with some fabulous bloggy ladies tonight. I’m really excited about that.

I’m keeping this short and sweet.

First things, first.

The WINNER of the Funky Monkey Snacks give away is…


Pam said:

I have never tried these yet, but would like too! I think it’s great how portable they are…mmmm!

Great giveaway!

A great giveaway, indeed, Pam! Please e-mail me your name and address and Funky Monkey will be sending you some treats right to your house!

And, finally. I did something amazing this week! Alexa and I had been talking for a while about going to Marathon sports to get some running shoes, and I did. And, goodness gracious, they are like walking on cloud nine! I love them.

Standing – what a strange angle.

The tops of my shoes.

The sides – do my feet look like they are smiling? If they could, they would.

I know I’m smiling!

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

So, I took them out for a little spin at the gym and then I went for a quick jaunt around my neighborhood and it just felt amazing.

In the spirit of giveaways – Alexa is doing a fabulous giveaway on her blog! She is giving away two sets of LÄRABAR samples! So be sure to check out her blog for a chance to win!

10 thoughts on “And the winner is… (plus my new running shoes!)

    • I am really loving the shoes, Tricia. I got lost on my run today (like, 30 minutes lost!) and my feet didn’t hurt at all. It felt amazing!

  1. Ann says:

    did they show you how runners tie their shoes? i can’t remember how to do it, but someone once did it for me so that they are tight when i tie them, but not cut off circulation tight…

    • I’m not sure. I haven’t had a problem with circulation in my feet. Lay off some of your brute strength when you tie your shoes, lady. 😉

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