Got Lost?

So, Sunday morning I woke up and got ready, did a little tweet-a-leetin’ and then pulled on my running shoes and headed to Thompson Park in West St. Paul. I was really excited to run for some reason. And I was off, enjoying the sun and the music on my iPod. I just kept taking turns on the path like it wasn’t a big deal. Even worse, I didn’t think twice when I crossed the bridge over the highway. Then I ran down a lovely little hill and up and through a little cave thingy. Oh, and I did stop to tie my shoe once and enjoy the sounds of the bubbling water racing down the brook.

So, suddenly I realize, this path is not a circle. In fact, I was no longer in the city I started in. I got frustrated real fast and started to go back. I stalked up a steep hill only to realize I had to go back down. I kept anxiously looking at the time because I was in a strict schedule to meet my lunch date.

Thirty minutes later, I did make it back. I trekked through some woods, up some muddy hills and up and down more trails, and ungodly tall grassy areas and I had never SO happy to see my car.

My mom commented tonight that it looked like I had gotten some sun today. I wonder why…

This is how I felt the whole time I was lost:

But, to end the day on a good note! Alexa and I had our second edition of our walking club! It was a lot of fun. It’s amazing how fast the time flies when with a group of fabulous people.

A lovely photo of where we met. This place was actually really beautiful! It would be a fun place for a romantic date. Guys? You reading? Take a hint.

Our fabulous little group after our walk.

After the walk, Alexa, Sam and I headed over to Good Earth to enjoy some wonderful organic eatery. Thank goodness for them to food was delicious because the service was subpar, at best.

We ordered some nachos to share. They were so delicious!

My dinner – vegetarian enchiladas!

This weekend really was fabulous and I am always bummed when the weekend is over. I think we need three-day weekends, at LEAST.

I think I just need a vacation.


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