Help Fight Child Hunger

I eat every day. I eat three times a day usually. And sometimes I have a snack or two or sneak into my boss’s office for a chocolate (or two or three or, depending on the day way more than that.) I think most of us take being able to eat for granted. We shove food in our mouth without a second thought, usually. I mean, I guess sometimes there is a second thought of, “Should I have really eaten that?” Yeah, I do that a lot. But that is neither here nor there.

There are children everywhere who starve. Who struggle to eat. Children who would kill for that one piece of chocolate. Heck, they would kill for ____ (enter the food you hate most here.) It’s human nature to take for granted that which we already have. It might be a car for transportation, money to buy luxuries, the ability to walk, talk, see, or hear. We’re all guilty of it.

I was in a training for work a couple months ago and there was this story called “Cracks in the Sidwalk.” It was about this blind guy at a college who wrote a letter to complain to the school about the crack in the sidewalk. I can’t remember the story specifically without the material in front of me (it’s at work, of course and I couldn’t find it on google.) In any case, this guy writes a letter saying how important it is to repair cracks in the sidewalk because those who can see take for granted the ability to see the cracks in the sidewalk to avoid them. But this young man was unable to see the cracks in the sidewalk which was hazardous to him.

So, this being said. Bloggers around the Twin Cities are getting together to End Child Hunger in conjunction ConAgra Foods.

How are we going to do it?

It’s simple.

Minnesota Bloggers Rummage Sale

8 AM-1 PM
For more information, check out Molly’s Blog.

All the proceeds from the rummage sale goes right back to the campaign. It’s a simple easy way to help us help children in need.

I hope see see many of you out there on Saturday at the big sale! Everything is going to be ridiculously cheap and awesome!


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