Oh, Temptations.

Today was the day of temptation. I started my day off just fine.

Until I had to fill up my gas tank:

(I clearly googled this image. We WISH gas was 2.29/gallon.)

So, I am at the gas station and it would take a bit to fill up my tank since it was basically empty. Not only am I at the gas station, but I am starving.


So what do I do? I do what any normal, sane, starving person would do. I went inside and started scanning the isles. First I thought I wanted something salty:

(Who knew there was Ketchup flavored chips? Again, a googled image.)

Once I convinced myself I did not need anything salty, I moved onto something that is quite possibly worse:

I kept checking the back of each package of candy for the nutrition facts and thought to myself, “They allow too many servings in one package of candy.” Seriously! Who has the will-power to sit and just eat ONE serving? I certainly do not.

Here I was, in the promise-land for anyone who wants to eat all the fatty foods they would like and then some. Because, don’t forget all the sandwiches, etc. that they sell in this place, too. Finally, I just decided to walk out. It felt SO good to save my few dollars and just go home. I didn’t buy candy and I didn’t buy any salty goodness. I came home, and I grabbed a package of 1oo-calorie cookies. Ironically, I got my chocolate and salt craving all in one and for less calories.

What was slightly ironic since I was having a bit of a breakdown inside the gas station was when I walked out, the car parked right near the door. The guy in the passenger seat of the car barely fit in the seat. It was clear that he was uncomfortable and was probably squished. It was a reminder of that was not who I wanted to let myself turn into and that I had made the right choice.

My advice for the day: Do not go inside gas stations hungry!


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