Marvelous Monday: Child Hunger Ends Here

I’ve had a pretty wild week. I only made it to the gym a couple of times. I was in a lot of muscular pain after my adventure in the wild. And besides that, I was just incredibly busy! I love being busy but am starting to realize how much being busy cuts in my healthy living. Or trying to be healthy anyway.

The other night, I went to Nye’s in Minneapolis and met up with some fabulous bloggers here in the Twin Cities to kick off the Multi-Family sale that happened on Saturday at Highland Park in St. Paul.

Yeah, I cut my face off, but you know what I look like. Hanging out with Jen from Prior Fat Girl and Mary from Fit This, Girl!

Lovely lady bloggers enjoying dinner.

After quite a bit of socializing, laughing, joking, taking photos and meeting new folks, Molly from The Snyder 5 said a few words.

She is in one word: Amazing. I am so excited to have finally met her!

The sale on Saturday was a huge hit. It was cold, and it rained and then it got even colder, but you know what? I had fun. I wish I hadn’t been so tired. I get pretty miserable once my feet get cold thanks to frost bite, but we all persevered and raised over $800 to donate to the Child Hunger Ends Here Campaign.

I’ve always thought that if one day, all the women I’ve met through Blogging were able to run a company, it’d be very successful. I love the connections I have made – these women are amazing and I feel absolutely blessed to know each and every one of them!


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