Mm, Mexican Food!

On Sunday, I was in the grocery store, trying to find something easy to grab for dinner. I was in the frozen dinner section, when I saw this:

And let me tell you, I am an absolute sucker for any kind of hispanic cuisine. Not that Smart One’s really fall under the “cuisine” category, but you get my drift. I am pretty sure I have to be some % hispanic in my blood somewhere. Part of it has to do with having spent time in Costa Rica, Spain, and Mexico. Part of it has to do with the fact that it is just so delicious!

Two of the little rolls are just 4 Weight Watchers points. I paired mine with Green Giant’s Nibblets, which are just 80 calories per serving with 1.5 grams of fat! Really yummy. I usually always pick some up when I go grocery shopping.

It was actually the perfect dinner for me. Like I said before, it’s not the BEST meal I’ve ever had, but for something quick with not much preparation, it wasn’t bad at all.

Tomorrow, I leave for Tennessee for the rest of the week. I might get a chance to make a quick update, but chances are I won’t. I get to spend time with the other half of my family!


3 thoughts on “Mm, Mexican Food!

    • On a normal day, I’d say no. But it did that night for some reason! I always have to add to my meals when I eat Smart One’s. Their so tiny.

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