Marvelous Monday: Working Out With Riley

Early last week, I worked out at home because my gym was over 90 degrees. It was beyond ridiculous. In any case, I took the yoga ball, my weights and turned on the television and worked it like I should. I was actually really getting into it. And yes, I really do make faces like this when I work out:

So I was working out and then my dog came upstairs to join me. And boy was he interested in my free-weights. I could not figure out why and then it hit me. The weights were like bones to him! Except when I did let him take it in his mouth and it was much heavier than a bone.

My puppy watching over my weights for me while I did abs on the floor.

Ohhh, treat for me? And yeah, you don’t want to have a run-in with this beast. I kid. He is such a sweet little guy.

This is an absolutely Marvelous Monday post because there is nothing better than working out with your pet! I hope one day I can take him running with me. But he is 100 lbs. so I am afraid that he would inadvertently take me for a tumble. Some day. He makes working out more fun.


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