Salad Difficulty and Walking Club!

The grocery store can be kind of a daunting place when one is trying to lose weight. I found myself there last weekend incredibly upset for some reason. I think this problem stemmed from not having prepared for going to the grocery store. So I was fine in the produce section. I am a fruit and veggie fanatic and always have been! That was one thing my parents never had to shove down my throat. I love it all. Okay, not all of it because I haven’t tried it all, but fruits and veggies are all made of YUM!

After I get through produce, I start wandering through isles. I get through most of the store and I was really bummed: I hardly had anything in my cart! So I start wandering back through the store again and was upset walking past:

These used to be staples for me. Easy to grab and shove in my mouth after a long day at work.

100-Calorie snacks are now my staple, but not without a little pain.

The thing about the 100-calorie snacks is that sometimes they aren’t enough. Sometimes I wish they were 150 calorie snacks. It is good portion control, but often I find myself wanting more.

Another struggle of mine is making salads.

Looks delicious, right?

And then add a little dressing? Even better!

There is one thing missing: PROTEIN. For some reason, I highly dislike protein on my salad. I get Cesear Salad without chicken – and really most salad without meat. The only type of salad I don’t eat meatless is Taco Salad. I am not sure if anyone else has the same issue, but I would love to know. So this then stems into a problem of having a wonderfully colorful salad full of fruits and veggies, but lacking the protein the keep me full till my next meal (or small snack.)

How do you like your salads?

And unrelated…

Walking Club!

Tomorrow, Sunday June 13 at Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis. The plan is to meet at the Running Room in Minneapolis at 6:00pm and as always, we will leave from there promptly at 6:10pm.. The address is:

801 Hennepin Avenue South, 1st Floor
Minneapolis, MN, 55408
Ph: (612) 872-2921

Questions? Let myself or Alexa know. We can’t wait to see you tomorrow evening!


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