Lunch, Goals & MRIs.

Monday was kind of a rough start for me. I was running late, sort of. I guess I wasn’t really late by normal person standards, but Cindy-Standards are completely different.

I have some things coming up in the next week:

  • X-Rays & MRIs on Wednesday. Maybe running and I were not meant to be. We will find out.
  • Announcement about some more Charity Work I am doing with the lovely Erica We are both incredibly excited.
  • With the charity announcement will be some more healthy heart related goals.

Today I ate lunch in the cafeteria with my work BFFs and realized that when I bring my lunch to work I find myself more hungry in the afternoon. I am not entirely sure how to remedy this issue as my plan in the coming weeks is to cut my eating out in half, if not more. But I think the allure of eating out stems from a couple of things:

  • I am a socialite. I love talking to people and being around people and lunch dates, happy hour – those are all opportunities to socialize.
  • I want to get away from my desk.
  • Sometimes whatever I bring to eat just doesn’t sound appealing to me.

But I think my charity work will help center me around a lot of this, so I can’t wait to share it with you all!

My question for this wonderful Tuesday is: What is your favorite lunch-time meal at work or at home? I am definitely in need of ideas!


6 thoughts on “Lunch, Goals & MRIs.

  1. One of my favorites is buying those microwave sweet potatoes and making that at work and topping it with Smart Balance. I usually team that with a spinach salad with dried cherries and almonds on top and a light dressing on the side, because the potato alone won’t fill me up. Also, I love the Jello Mouse cups as a dessert for meals like this, only 60 calories but I feel like I’ve had this yummy chocolate creation!!

    I’m really into these Flat out wraps lately
    The light ones are only 90 calories! I use hummus, turkey and cheese and it’s a great sandwich!

    Hope these ideas help, I can’t wait to read what others write, because I too run out of lunch ideas easily.

  2. I try to bring lots of fruit and veggies to keep me full…sometimes I notice that I inhale my food when I’m with other people because I’m talking and not concentrating on what I’m eating so my brain never has a chance to process it. I also find that what I bring is never as appealing as what’s “out”.

  3. I bring a lot of leftovers as well. Otherwise I typically make some oatmeal or grab a salad from the ING Direct Cafe down the street. Each salad is enough for lunch and dinner (or lunch and a snack), is premade, and deliciously healthy! They all have lettuce, multiple veggies, chicken (which i love on salad), and your choice of ten different dressings. They also come with a drink (coffee, water, juice, or soda)… all for five dollars!

  4. I love making big salads. Along with the salad, I usually pack a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich on Arnold’s Sandwich thins. I also try to bring some sort of fruit: apple or grapefruit are my favorites.

    People always say I eat so much for lunch, but it is balanced meal.

    I have also started loving Kashi’s frozen meals…

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