Who Needs An MRI?

Well, on Wednesday morning I was preparing myself to have X-Rays and a MRI per what the receptionist told me when I made my doctor appointment for Tria Orthopedics in Bloomington on Monday.

Good news first:


I was really kind of nervous about it because it started getting my brain reeling about what could possibly be wrong instead of reminding myself it couldn’t be that bad. But we always let our minds get the best of us, right? So after talking to the nurse and doctor, getting poked, prodded, doing lunges, testing the strength of my gluts, legs, knees and so forth, I felt so relieved. I have a problem, but it can be fixed with the aid of a little physical therapy!

So, I have my first appointment on Friday and look forward to reporting back. Overall, I was incredibly pleased with my doctor and appointment. On top of that, when I went to the store after to buy a some inserts of my shoes, the woman working in the store was incredibly helpful and nice.

I thought it would be very smart to try running Wednesday evening, too. It wasn’t. It became painful after a while. I really can’t wait to shed a few pounds. I feel like a giant elephant when I run. I’m fairly convinced people wonder why the “fat girl” is even bothering to run when I do. I realize I am being incredibly down on myself, but it is what it is.


My poor wobbly knee, post-run.

I just really love a moment to showcase my wonderful running shoes. They are fabulous.

And on the inside now lies…

My big bad inserts.

Check back soon for a report on my first session of physical therapy!


5 thoughts on “Who Needs An MRI?

  1. This morning as I drove in to work at 6:30 am I saw a pretty big gal out for a morning walk/jog/run…she was moving along at a pretty brisk pace and it was very obvious by the sweaty mess that she was, she’d be out there for a bit…
    I wanted to honk at her and roll down my window and yell “YOU GO GIRL! ROCK IT!!” I didn’t, because well, that would have been inappropriate and I may have offended her – but the truth is, she was inspiring to me…
    We often times see ourselves in a much different light than others so – I’m guilty of it too –
    You are doing great!

  2. Everyone starts running at a different place! When I started back up, I was a big girl huffing and puffing and ready to quit!!! I still huff and puff and some days still want to quit too, it will get easier, just keep at it! You have come so far already! hugs!

  3. I want to run so badly and am just so embarassed/scared/out of shape. But I do have your running shoes…so maybe your running awesomeness will rub off! Haha.

  4. You are inspiring. A year ago I pushed my knee beyond what I should’ve. Mine did not heal fast, and just kept getting told I needed to lose weight and it would get better, finally got my MRI and I see the orthopedic surgeon next week. But I’m excited to say that since i’d found my own physio therapist (while waiting)I’m finally pain free and now can start running again! I’m excited but have all the feeling you talk about. I think about the giggly bits and what people will think. So thank you for getting out there and writing your story. I was sitting here thinking about going tonight, but was talking myself out of it, which is rediculous now that I can!! Keep going!

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