Nothing but Food

I’ve been a workout machine, lately. A well oiled, machine have you. I’ve been able to make it to the gym about four days a week recently. It really feels amazing to do 30 minutes of cardio (all I can do before I experience knee pain) then do 20 minutes of strength. I’m going to be able to kick some serious butt soon. So, be nice to me, readers. I bite.

Today, I went to Barrio Tequila in St. Paul with my buddy Josh for lunch. Oh man, it is delicious. We enjoyed some yummy guacamole. They have the BEST guacamole ever. EVER. That I’ve had, anyway.

And for my meal, I enjoyed two yummy Potato Sopes. They had goat cheese and all kinds of delicious lettuce and they were just so tasty. The waitress tried to tell me how small the portions are. Who needs big portions when you have GUACAMOLE?

Are you jealous yet?

I get pretty crazy about any type of hispanic cuisine. Especially Mexican food. I am like white on rice, seriously. I think this has to do with having lived in Mexico City for a while.

Keeping right on task. Tonight I enjoyed a delicious dessert, as did my mom (more on that later.) I bought Skinny Cow’s little individual ice creams. They are so GOOD. Each little cup is 150 calories full of ice cream goodness. I enjoyed Cookies n’ Cream tonight.

And since I love my mom so much, I would like to debut the miraculous cake our family shared last night in celebration of her entrance to this great, beautiful, green earth.

No, I didn’t have any cake last night (yes, I did and it was DAMN GOOD.)

What is your favorite ice cream treat? Since I love ice cream, we should discuss it on this here blog.

4 thoughts on “Nothing but Food

  1. I’m just going to take a moment to plug a bangin’ ice cream treat I enjoy: – They’re frozen yogurt is AMAZING. Mint Cookies n’ Cream tastes just like regular mint ice cream. 110 Calories/half cup and only 1.5 grams of fat – hard to beat that. I do factor in that I normally eat twice that serving size, but it’s still not bad at all. Yum!

  2. Jessica says:


    I love ice as well, especially when it is super hot. NOW! So I am wondering where you got the skinny cow ice cream in the small cup. I have been looking for those and all I can find are store brand and Ben and Jerrys which are great but have a ton of calories.


  3. WANT.

    i like the skinny cow ice cream sandwiches, they’re pretty good and only two weight watcher points. i love ice cream in general, but i’m really digging frozen yogurt lately. there’s tons of pinkberrys (pinkberries?) and red mango chains in ny and best of all a small cup is usually two points.

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