Walk it Out

I could not be happier that it is Friday! Even if it was a short week, it’s seemed incredibly long. I have some fun things going on – reconnecting with old friends, hanging out with new ones – it will be fantastic. Earlier this week, I made the most fantastic buy in a long time. I was in Macy’s picking up a birthday present for my mom when something caught my eye:

Yup, GREEN NEON socks.

And yes, ORANGE NEON socks!

For whatever reason, the bright colored socks have made working out fun! And actually, the socks themselves are amazing. Microfiber and comfortable. There are more colors, but I won’t spill the beans all in one post. So be on the lookout.

Walking Club

After a small break due to schedules, I am excited to announce that Walking Club will be rocking and rolling again this Sunday! As I always say – this is a great way to get out and moving and to meet some fantastic people as well. I’m excited to say that we will be meeting at Lake Calhoun and will be walking around the lake, which is about 3.2 miles. Great way to end the week, if you ask me.

The Details:

Location: Lake Calhoun – meet at the Tin Fish

Time: 6:00pm – we will be leaving at 6:10

Questions? Contact me or Alexa.


One thought on “Walk it Out

  1. My mom once left a comment on my blog that we should always were happy colored underwear because it would make us happy from the inside out. I believe socks are in the same category. Rock them socks, lady!

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