Minnesota State Fair Snack Gone HEALTHY.

So, the Great Minnesota Get-Together. I went, I ate a little bit. And on my way out, I realized I had not eaten what has been my most favorite fair food ever. I have loved it since I was a child. No, it isn’t fried. No, it isn’t on a stick. But, I promise it is still probably unhealthy.

Meet The Pickle Dog:

Mmmmmm, scrumptious. Pickle with deli meat and slathered in cream cheese. Nom nom nom and then some more nom. Well, I made my own healthy version and I wanted to share with all of my readers!

I line up the deli meat. A furry companion to make sure you don’t make a mess on the floor is a plus, too.

I bought fat-free cream cheese and spread a little on each piece of meat.

Line up your pickle, people. Very important. I used kosher dill pickles. I think dill is really the only pickle that should exist. But I am sure there is an argument against my theory.

Roll roll roll ’em up!

I used the entire jar of pickles. This way I always have a snack at my finger tips!

And of course, a photo of me enjoying my snack.


Happy Wednesday, ya’ll!

Do you have a fair food that you made into a healthy snack you can share?


2 thoughts on “Minnesota State Fair Snack Gone HEALTHY.

  1. YUMMY! I make these for every party we host at our house – but I slice them up into little teeny round bites…people go BONKERS over them!
    they are soo delish!

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