popchips giveaway!

I am a snacker at heart. I am always looking for new snack foods. Whether it is a new fruit I haven’t tried yet, a nut mix, or something sweet. What better as a snack food than some potato chips. Except, I have something better than that. Are you ready?

They are light (since they are air popped), not greasy and quite the low-cal snack or pairing with your sandwich for lunch or dinner, if you ask me. They would also make a great food to bring along to a BBQ for folks to munch on!

So as you can see, they are light, and small. Each bag really does have a healthy serving of chips as well. These are actually made right from potatoes! How neat is that? Don’t believe me? Read for yourself.

As you can see, I enjoyed these guys thoroughly. I had to quickly put the rest of the flavors back in the box and put them away or I think I would have popped (ha – get it? popchips..popped!) open another bag.

Why I Love popchips

I am a person who loves salt and I love sweet. What I love is that these are not covered in salt, but with with flavor. So, whenever I am craving any kind of potato chips, I either head to the grocery store to buy a bag or perhaps I already have a bag at home! Either way, these satisfy the craving without breaking the calorie bank. And if you get the snack-sized bags? These are great to grab on the go, whether you are late to an evening activity, or need to quickly grab an afternoon snack for your kids! I personally love these for my afternoon munchies at work. They are worth the 100 calories!

So, why am I rambling on like a fool? Well, my dear readers, there is a reason.


So, check out this amazing (okay it isn’t amazing) video below, but I will also put details below the video about how to enter.

So, the video lists three ways to enter and I am adding one more way to win here.

1. Tweet “Check out the poppin’ giveaway @cindyelizabeth is doing over at Healthy Heart Journey! http://bit.ly/awGGW2” Be sure to list the link in the comments!

2. Post a link to my giveaway in a blog post and come back and share the link with me.

3. What flavor is your favorite or which flavor would you want to try?

4. How will popchips be helpful to you on YOUR healthy journey or be helpful as you continue on your healthy lifestyle?

So there you have it! FOUR ways to win!

As always, there is fine print:

This giveaway is open U.S. Residents only. Entries must be received by Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 8:00 p.m. Central Time. A winner will be chosen at random and announced on Wednesday, September 8. The winner will have until Sunday September 12 to contact me or a new winner will be chosen.

Happy Snacking!

Also, there is another awesome giveaway to check out! My beautiful friend Alexa over at Alexa’s Tales is doing a giveaway for Sweaty Bands! Be sure to check it out!


14 thoughts on “popchips giveaway!

  1. Pop Chips would help me be a quick, on the go snack when I need one, that leaves me thinking I’m getting a big salty treat (which I will be), but without totally blowing my diet.

  2. Amanda says:

    I would absolutely love to try popchips! I have heard you and Jen (priorfatgirl)blog about them, but I can’t seem to find them in stores where I am from. I think they would be helpful because they would be a quick, salty, crunchy fix without causing nearly as much damage as some other options!

  3. I enjoy snacking, I was in the grocery store today and was looking for a good low-cal snack. This fits the bill, a great snack with few calories! It will keep me living the healthy lifestyle while meeting my need for snacks!

  4. kyree90 says:

    I tweeted: kyree90 Still time 2 enter! Check out the poppin’ giveaway @cindyelizabeth is doing over at Healthy Heart Journey! http://bit.ly/awGGW2

    Also, I’ll tell you which Popchips are my fave: the BBQ. I also really like the sea salt and vinegar. (In fact, I ate that bag too quickly … couldn’t seem to stop myself.)

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