And the POPCHIPS winner is…

There will always be reasons in life to not do certain things. Whether it is admitting to yourself it is time for the lifestyle change, taking a big leap and doing something you’ve always wanted to do or finally taking a moment for yourself to do what you want to do. In theory, that sentence could lead into something awesome, but I’m not quite ready to share yet. But when I do – it is going to blow your brains. I promise.

At the beginning of October, I am going to be volunteering with the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity Carter Project. I am incredibly jazzed. For someone who works 40+ hours a week and has nothing but joy and passion around volunteering, I’m glad I was able to find a way to help out during off-work hours. It’s going to be fantastic. If you are looking for a way to volunteer, be sure to check out the organization. It’s well worth the time. I’ve worked on houses in the past through work and I truly believe that what they do matters.


And the winner is…..


Brian said…


Love ya, Cindy!

But, actually, Brian wrote a really awesome blog about organic eating and how popchips will help him since they are a natural food! So, Brian, be sure to e-mail me your address and popchips will send you some delicious goodies!


One thought on “And the POPCHIPS winner is…

  1. Alison C says:

    Fun fact: your Popchips post made me check them out, and it turns out that Popchips are even healthier than my previously “healthy” chip of choice, Baked Lays! And they actually have a lot more flavor than Baked Lays too… looks like you’ve got another convert 🙂

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