On Feeling Fat:

I spent the entire weekend feeling fat.

When I came home on Friday night from a little get together with other local bloggers there were clothes in every direction. On my floor. On my bed. In my closet. Why you ask?

I felt fat. And it continued into the whole entire weekend.

I cried on the way to the blogger event wanting to turn around the entire time because I just felt fat, gross and ugly. But, there were many wonderful ladies I wanted to see, support and connect with so I carried on. The entire night I felt uncomfortable, not confident and many times I wanted to keep running out the door and to my car and home to bed.

I never know how to handle these moments. Do I let myself cry? Do I tell myself to get over it and move on? It doesn’t help that all my friends are incredibly gorgeous fit and wonderful.

I don’t even want to post this now because it seems so stupid to be upset over something like this, but it is real. And beyond it being real, it happens to women all the time. So here you have it.

My entire weekend could be summarized into to one word:



9 thoughts on “On Feeling Fat:

  1. Everyone struggles, it’s universal. And it’s human to hurt over our struggles. Feeling comfortable in our own skin isn’t a given; I struggle with it all the time. I say, when it happens let yourself cry over it and feel the emotion. The worst thing to do is stuff it away and pretend it doesn’t exist. For what it’s worth, I never picked up on any of that discomfort you felt on Friday, and I thought you looked simply beautiful.

    • Thanks, ladyfriend. I usually manage to pull myself together fairly well when I need to. But thank you for the compliment. Means the world – truly. ❤

  2. I’m sorry to hear you felt that way, Cindy. I thought you looked incredibly cute on Friday. And I’m so glad we got a chance to talk and catch up! Let’s get together again soon!

  3. Story of my month. I’ve got to turn it around. That being said i thought you looked great when I saw you on Sat. More often than not it is in our heads.

  4. Jess says:

    😦 I’m sorry you felt that way. How are you feeling tomorrow? Those sorts of things are usually in one’s head. You’re gorgeous, Cindy!

  5. (How behind am I on my blog reading? I hope you’re feeling better since you’ve written this post.)

    I feel ya girl. I think we all struggle with these feelings, especially women. Thank you for sharing this and letting us all have those “omg, me too!” moments.

    For the record, I always think you are super adorable. I actually pointed out a photo a little while ago on your blog and told my husband “look at my cute friend Cindy.” 🙂

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