Life Matters: The Liz Logelin Foundation, Part I.

This weekend, I dedicated my time to The Liz Logelin Foundation. The foundation was started by Matt Logelin after the passing of his wife, Liz. What the foundation is doing for so many people who are in the same situation as Matt was only a few years back is nothing short of amazing. As someone who cannot even fathom what it would feel like to lose your best friend, wife/husband, life partner, and lover all in one go, I’ve been incredibly touched. The second I laid eyes on Maddy, I wanted to cry and I instantly thought about my own mother. What would my life be like without my own mother?

My mom tells me when I look ridiculous in an outfit, sends me e-mails to tell me I’m beautiful and listens to my own stupidity from time to time. And growing up? Damn, I feel sorry for her. I was probably the worst child ever. I was such a little liar and gave my parents a run for their money, for sure. I would certainly not be the fantastic person I am today if it were not for her.

When I sat in the back of the room at Solera watching a short video before Matt spoke a few words, I had tears in my eyes. And then sweet little Maddy stole the show. She sat in the arms of a family member (I can only assume) and stole the microphone from daddy. “Daddy, where are you? Daddy? Daddy where are you?”

Everyone sitting laughed (and some probably cried.) I stood in the back, with my hands clasped under my chin with tears rolling down my cheeks. I often find myself fretting about things in life: why are men so stupid? why are people so mean to me sometimes? why can’t I be happier? And then there are moments like these. Standing in the back of a room while a man and his daughter stand in front of me having lost what can only be described to me as what would have been the glue. My mom has told me in the past that her mother (whom I never met) was the glue in her family. And I had this moment and I shook my head free of all the crap going through my head and I tilted my head back and I laughed and found myself in love with this little girl, little Maddy.

They always say that out of every horrible situation in life something good happens. While the death of Liz Logelin is horrifying and saddening and and probably maddening some days – out of her death came the birth of The Liz Logelin Foundation which provides support to those who are in similar situations as Matt.

Since I was inspired by this weekend, my posts this weekend will be dedicated to the foundation’s events.

Photo credit: Darcie Gust


2 thoughts on “Life Matters: The Liz Logelin Foundation, Part I.

  1. Cindy, thank you for coming out this weekend, to BOTH events, and volunteering your time, your talents and your hard earned money. This foundation is what it is because of people like you. I have so enjoyed getting to know you over these last several months…YOU are an inspiration…

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