Time To Get In Control

I’m pretty sure at this point my mouth should be wired shut. You might be laughing. I am not. Tonight, I laid in bed with a box of cookies. A BOX OF COOKIES. What the #$^#& is wrong with me? I’m struggling a lot with my inability to say no. “Want some chocolate?” I used to be able to pass it up with ease. I remember I used to unwrap chocolate, stick it in my mouth and then quickly spit it back out. So I’ve hit what most people might refer to as rock-effing-bottom. I don’t really want to talk about how that happened. It just did. I find myself beating myself up but not making the necessary changes.

So, I am at square one. I am rejoining Weight Watchers and life will move on. I will track my food, I will weigh in once a week and I’ll lose weight. It happened to me before and it can happen again.

Life will be back to meal planning and saying no when people ask me to eat out and ditch my planned lunch. I have to do it, my friends. Not for other people, but myself. I spend far too many days having mental breakdowns because I hate the way I look in things.

So, this weekend will start a new life – a life where I start putting myself first.


5 thoughts on “Time To Get In Control

  1. Good luck with your goal. I was very successful with Weight Watchers: I lost 63 pounds and, for the most part, kept it all off.

    The weight loss thing is a bitch. It’s hard. Breaking habits is hard. Trying to stay motivated is hard.

    I really hate to see you beat yourself up, though. Make a goal to do better today than you did yesterday. It’s not about being perfect, it’s just about being better. View setbacks (like eating cookies in bed) as “incidents.” Move on from them, try to learn from them, but really try hard not to kick your own ass about having them. We all have ’em.

    And remember — it’s not black or white. Don’t view an incident as an excuse to chuck the whole day, or the whole week. Stuff like that is just one moment in time. Make the next moment different.

    You can totally do this.

  2. I’m proud of you for admitting your little bump in the road, and how you’re going to change things. We aren’t perfect, so we just have to take those mishaps and keep on running with what we’ve got. Don’t be too hard on yourself, just keep reaching for your goal. We both know you have it in you!!

  3. Ann says:

    It will reignite you to join. Way to go, Cindy! I know you will rock it!

    p.s. your box of cookies–sounds like my entire past week.

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