Something Clicked

I lost another 3.2 pounds this week. This means I got my awesome 5 pound sticker to stick on my bookmark! I was so thrilled when I weighed in today. I learned some things this week:

  • Eating celery is wonderful
  • Tracking food is a MUST
  • I can really eat what I want and still lose

This week I had an event I went to with catered food. I was nervous. I mean, I sat down and the dessert was there and holy crapola did it look YUMMY. I let it sit there and I enjoyed my dinner (and maybe a dinner roll or two.) After my dinner, I dug into the dessert. I didn’t finish the whole thing. I had a few tastes and was okay with that. I’ve learned that only I control what goes in my mouth and if I say, “No more.” Then it means no more. No one forces me to eat.

The first week, I told myself I would not have alcohol. This week? I had a few glasses of wine with friends anddddd, maybe some beer. And, guess what? It was OKAY. I did not suffer.

I learned one more thing: moving, working out and not be dormant is important. I found that I enjoyed my workouts this week and while eating is 80% of the battle, working out is really important for the heart. It is good to move at least 30 minutes a day.

And the best part? I feel good! My energy is high, I’m tired still as normal, but not as tired as before. I am starting to truly see how eating healthy and working out pours into other parts of my life – not just wanting to lose weight and get in shape.

So, altogether I’ve lost:

6.4 pounds!


6 thoughts on “Something Clicked

  1. kyree90 says:

    Great job on the loss. Congratulations.

    I’m with you on everything but the celery. I can’t stand the stuff, no matter how many times I try it.

  2. coachcarrie25 says:

    Congrats on the weight loss so far! You must be really lucky to like celery because I can’t stand it either, which sucks because it’s a great snack for people trying to be healthier.

    What type of workouts do you do? I’ve lost almost 40lbs using Turbo Jam myself. It’s fun! You gotta do what you love. I hope you keep having success!

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