One Bite, One Decision Get Together

On Saturday I woke up ridiculously early (for a Saturday) and on my own mind you. I had set an alarm and somehow my internal clock was all I needed. I was both relieved and bummed for said internal clock.

In any case, my friend Jen over at Prior Fat Girl was putting on an event: One Bite, One Decision. This was an interesting event to attend because it clicked for me how incredibly logical all of this is. Don’t eat that which is over-processed, and bad for you. Also, don’t hate on yourself. But even more interesting? Holy crap, there were 39 other people in the room with me who have felt practically everything I have felt at one point or another so it was a comforting place to spend my Saturday morning.

Stacy from Kitchenwerks talked to us about grocery shopping. Really more than that, we talked about reading labels. How to read them and what ingredients to look for and on the flip side, what to avoid.

The wonderful Stacy.

So what did I learn from Stacy? The importance of planning meals. But not planning meals around the food I buy but rather plan my grocery list around the meal planning for the week. I think this is so important! I think I might actually save money doing this. Woo hoo!

All kinds of boxes of different foods – we were checking out the nutrition facts.

My dear Alexa was definitely perplexed by all of this.

Mary Langfield

Do you read Mary Langfield’s blog? It is jam packed with great blog posts and articles around being healthy and just beyond the eating – about how our emotions also play a part. Mary spent time with us talking about emotions we feel about ourselves as it relates to how we look or even how what we felt growing up has played a part in the unhealthy relationship we have with ourselves and food now.

And even our very own Jen welcomed everyone and did a great job introducing the guest speakers! It was great to see her whole family at the event – even Carlos!

So all attendees were very lucky to receive such a nice gift bag at the end!

Whoa, yummy stuff. I won’t lie, some of the stuff is missing because well, I got hungry. Whatcha’ gunna do?

I was both floored and excited by one particular item in the bag:

A Polar FT40. I’m really excited to put it to use this week! It may change the way I work out. I’ll be glad to rely on this versus relying on the machine that may or may not be tracking my calories burned accurately. I’m excited to see what I burn in Boot Camp!

Overall? Fun morning! Lots of great information, conversation and seeing friends!


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2 thoughts on “One Bite, One Decision Get Together

  1. Lindsay says:

    That was a great event, it was fun sitting by you and meeting you!! Thanks for shring your site and all the tips!! Lindsay

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