it’s chili season!

It’s fall. Fall means soup season. Fall means chili season. Fall means “Mmmmmm” season. In celebration of the Vikings/Packers game, my dad whipped up his always amazing chili!

Please don’t judge my use of sour cream. I just really love it!

And what is chili without corn muffin?

I have become increasingly obsessed with Vitatops. They have all kinds of delicious flavors – chocolate, banana, apple crumb and the list goes on! I was really excited that I was able to find them at a local retailer versus having to order them online. However, since they are all-natural, the price in the grocery store has deterred me from ever buying in the grocery store again. PLUS, if you sign up for the e-mail list, they are always sending awesome coupons. So if you are a muffin lover, be sure to sign up on their e-mail list!

Now back to my love of chili. I could probably eat it once a week. In college, I actually did. The cafeteria on campus made the most amazing chili. Every Tuesday was Chili Day and boy oh boy did I let myself indulge. More than anything, I am a huge fan of beans – the more beans the merrier, I say! But maybe for some people it isn’t really… merrier? 🙂


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