High Heart Rate

So, on Monday night, I was at the gym. I was truckin’ along on the elliptical at a steady pace. A fast one, but steady. I’m in competition with myself, you see. Last week, I quickened cut off three minutes of elliptical time. So, of course now I want to see how much I can continue to cut off. So I’ll do one “fast” mile (for me) and then slow down a bit. In any case, even at my fast speed, I’ve been hitting 175-180 for my heart rate.

Fast forward to last night – I was about three minutes into my workout and my heart rate jumped to 200-207. I would say for the 10-11 minutes it took me to do my first mile it ranged from 196-207. Is this okay? Is it strange? I honestly have no idea. I’m only concerned because I was working out at the same intensity last week and it did not have the same effect.

This is my plea to understand what is going on with my workout.


On a lighter note – I worked out 5 days last week and it felt amazing. Getting there is always the part, but I did it and it felt good. I even did a 5am workout one day! I’m on fire.


3 thoughts on “High Heart Rate

  1. Wow, that does not seem normal, and could be dangerous.

    Are you using a chest strap + watch to monitor your heart rate, or are you using the heart rate monitor built into the elliptical? The heart rate monitors built into equipment are generally inaccurate.

    Take 220 and subtract your age to get a estimate of what your maximum heart rate is. You will want to stay around 50%-65% of your maximum heart rate to burn the highest percentage of fat, 65%-85% to increase the efficiency of your heart, and 85%+ to increase speed, power, and strength.

    Good luck.

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