Eating is the hardest part

I was at dinner the other night with my friend Jen. I mentioned how eating is the hardest part of this journey and I hope at some point I struggle less. I know temptation will always be there and you can’t deny yourself anything.

I will never forget about 1.5 years ago. I denied myself sweets. Chocolate, ice cream, candy – you name it, I stuck my nose up at it. I quite frankly, was so impressed with my own ability to say no or find healthier replacements so I didn’t feel like I was completely missing out. One day, I allowed myself to have something sweet and oh man, I was like a gremlin. And not only was I like a gremlin but a new love for sweets was welcomed into my life.


Because of that experience, I no longer deprive myself of anything. It just leads to worse habits. Obviously, no, I’m not saying you should eat ice cream every day (well, maybe you should.) or that if you have a french fry craving every single day, that you heed the call. I’m simply saying that we are human and we all have cravings and our bodies generally don’t let go of the cravings. It’s okay to give in, really. You won’t die. In fact, sometimes, if I know that I want something that is 500 calories, I eat it, enjoy it and get my butt to the gym that night to work off those calories. OH THE JOYS OF WORKING OUT!

But you know what? I still enjoy things like this:

And when I eat a salad, I never, ever feel like I am missing out on something else. And THAT, is a good feeling.


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