On a Positive Note:

Shitty things happen in life, right? We lose loved ones, we fail exams in school, we don’t make the “varsity” team in sports. We don’t land the “dream” job the first time around. And I think about this blog. I think it’s really shitty that I’m not healthy. I mean, sure I’m trying to turn things around, but it’s still crappy. I wish I was healthy and that I was exactly where I want to be. But I’m not.

I received an e-mail from my good friend Alexa tonight:

I just saw your comment, and for some reason it has me in emotional tears.

I love you to pieces, I’m so glad we’ve become friends, you are so blunt and honest.¬† Life is great with you as a friend!

Life is all about the paths we take, the decisions we make and the relationships we build. Right? Right. So I think about this journey I am on right now; and I would not know Alexa were it not for this journey and if it wasn’t for my amazing friend Jen’s journey, I wouldn’t know Jen OR Alexa.

So while I think anyone who is on any kind of path to better¬†themselves¬†(it’s a lot of kicking, screaming, crying, frustration, anger) it’s important to see those upsides once in a while. So I think, in all honesty, if I had to decide, I would do things the same over and over again if it meant I would end up here with friends like these. Quite frankly, my friends, I would not survive most days without them.

I am one lucky lady.