my bed, ice cream and the blues.

I always find emotions to be the most ridiculous part of me that in turn impacts every single part of my life. Whether it’s a crisis at work, a fight with my mom, frustration with friends or not being able to find the perfect outfit to wear out on Saturday night – emotions torment me.

However, in the last couple of weeks I have become very in tune as to when my emotions are eating away at me and I didn’t even realize it. There are two things I want to do:

  •  Eat.
  • Sleep & avoid the world.

These are two things I have struggled with over the last year. I lost a pretty solid group of friends thanks for sleeping and avoiding the world. I would also take a gamble and say they probably weren’t great friends to start with because they didn’t care about my avoidance. However, that’s water under the bridge and I’ve moved on.

I always like to think that the one thing in the world I can fully control is me. Apparently I’m kidding myself. I can’t control chemical reactions and how I feel about things. They just happen and it just is. One thing I am struggling to figure is how to get myself to do something other than shut down or eat ice cream. How do I get myself to a point to put on those running shoes and head to the lake? The constant feeling of “It’s just me, myself and I” tends to be overwhelming which is why I probably most often retreat to my bed with a bowl of ice cream. It’s the easy fix.

So here’s to attempting to overcome avoidance and ice cream.

Just kidding, I love ice cream. But, ice cream when I’m blue.